Sitting with her back to the audience, Nancy Mauro-Flude uncovers visually opening up the insides of the operating system behind our daily computer interactions. Through enquiring conversations, the amplified sound of Mauro-Flude's fingertips dancing across the keyboard beautifully conveyed the poetics and isokinetics of machine and human intelligence.
Extract from the article Mind, play, empathy & machines, Real-time magazine
Artist Statement
_Error_in_Time_ give us a compelling insight into geek space from the perspective of a female hacker. [It] uses sound, literature, performance and live code manipulations to explore the intimate workings of computer/human interfaces, surveillance and social media. _ Error_in_Time_ is a performance in which the character enters into her daily computer routine. The coded content of her screen is projected upstage. Networked presences, dancing, file searching and parsing are the main scenes of action. She weaves her story via performative algorithms and types in a surreal first person narrative touching on subjects from dark matter to rogue bots.
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Mauro-Flude, Nancy




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