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Essai historique sur la vie de Marie Antoinette d'Autriche

Keywords:  Amorous adventures, Biography, Courts & Courtiers, Current Affairs, Erotic works, Fictionalised biography, France, Libertine texts, Lives and letters, Marie-Antoinette, Personal libel, Politics, Scandal, Vies privees

Parisian category: Histoires particulières des règnes de Louis XV, XVI

Illegality:  Darnton’s Corpus (6 copies requested in 1 orders); Poinçot’s Inventory of the Bastille (France, 1789)

Sold and Given:  1 full copy

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Full title: Essai historique sur la vie de Marie Antoinette d'Autriche, reine de France, pour servir à l'histoire de cette princesse
Edition type (by origin): Place of publication unknown
Language(s): French
Publication: n.pl. [?]
Details: 1 volume
Notes: Attribution - edition not identified, numerous produced from 1789, when copies seized at their printshop were recovered from the Bastille. N.B. The standard attribution of this pamphlet to Goupil appears to be wrong, at least in part. Goupil died in prison in 1778, but this biography discusses events from 1781. In fact, the work emanated from A network of libellistes run by Jacquet de Douai. (See Simon Burrows, 'Blackmail, Scandal and Revolution').