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The options on this page enable you to restrict the data that is taken into account when generating Queries, Rankings, and Comparisons. Note that this will not affect anything on the Browse menu, however, where all items and full totals will still be shown, nor will it limit results from any searches.

This option menu is intended to limit queries to corpuses of texts published in various languages or combinations of languages. However, as STN sales of all other language corpuses were tiny in comparison with French, this option will probably only usually be used to refine other options, either by limiting queries to French language texts or to refine searches using the Original Languages option. Languages and language combinations are listed here in descending order of sales. For sales figures for each language, select ‘Languages’ from the Rank drop down menu.
language why switch it off
Accounting for over 99% of STN sales, turning off this option would allow interrogation of the tiny rump of works sold by the STN that were published in other languages, and help to isolate translations between two languages other than French. Note that some language combinations listed below also contain French (bilingual) works.
These options account for such small numbers of works that most are not liable to much statistical analysis. However, judicious use of language corpus options might help to refine certain searches or isolate particular works. Note that some languages listed here also appear as part of some of the language combinations listed.