A project based (from 2006 to 2013) at:


A project funded by:


A project owned and hosted by:


This project was funded from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Grant no. AH/E509363/1.

The Project team (Simon Burrows, Mark Curran, Vincent Hiribarren, Sarah Kattau and Amyas Merivale) would like to express our gratitude for this support.

We would also like to thank all those numerous friends and colleagues who have advised or encouraged us in any way with this project, and in particular:

  • The University of Leeds for supplementary funding and graciously agreeing to transfer the project and its IP to the University of Western Sydney.
  • The University of Western Sydney for ongoing funding and support.
  • The Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel and its personnel, particularly Michel Schlup and Thierry Châtelain, Marise Schmidt-Surdez and Michael Schmidt, not forgetting Marie Vuarraz, now Madame Vuarraz Curran.
  • All those who have served on the Project Management Board (David Adams, Simon Dixon, Russell Goulbourne, Peter Millican, and Jonathan Topham) for their input and enthusiasm, which has been enormous and varied.
  • The School of History at the University of Leeds, particularly John Gooch, Edward Spiers, Richard Whiting.
  • Jane Saunders, Chris Sheppard, Oliver Pickering and Jodie Double of the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds.
  • Robert Darnton for consenting to allow us to publish his statistics of demand on an ‘open access’ basis and subject to our licensing agreement. And for indicating the potential of the STN archive.
  • Louise Seaward for working alongside us, contributing to our discussions and conference panels and being the first to give feedback on the database.
  • Those who have helped us to check or verify our information, or identify non-French editions, notably Jeffrey Freedman, Andrew Brown, Cathy Parisian, Jeffrey Ravel and our Leeds colleagues Rhiannon Daniels, Moritz Föllmer, Anthony Wright and Ian Moxon.
  • All those who have offered us advice on IT or GIS issues, particularly Michael Pidd of the University of Sheffield’s HRI; Catherine Nicole Coleman of the Republic of Letters team at Stanford University; and Anna Clough of the University of Leeds; Peter Millican of Hertford College, Oxford.
  • The staff of the Leeds Humanities Research Institute, particularly Gill Gray, Edward Kirby, Stuart Taberner and Matthew Treherne.
  • Alan Forrest and the AHRC-funded ‘Nations, Borders and Identities’ Project Management Board, for modelling project management.
  • All those who have invited or facilitated the presentation of the project’s work at seminars and conferences, particularly (but not limited to): the American Historical Association; Dave Andress (University of Portsmouth); Carol Armbruster and the Library of Congress; Laurence Brockliss; the Cultures of Knowledge Project at Oxford; Robert Jensen-Rix (Aarhus) and his colleagues at the University of Copenhagen; John Chartres and the University of Leeds Eighteenth Century Group; the Material Cultures conference in Edinburgh; the New Zealand Digital Symposium; Anne-Marie Mercier-Faivre and the LIRE team at Lyon-2; Jeremy Popkin and the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies; the organisers of the Rudé Seminars in Sydney (2010) and Auckland (2012), particularly Kirsty Carpenter and Jo Zizek; Eleanor Shevlin, Sydney Shep and the committee of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP); the SHARP conference organising committees for the Helsinki, Washington and Dublin conferences; the Society for the Study of French History; Ann Thomson and the AHRC/ANR Cultural Transfers in the Long Eighteenth Century network; the Cambridge Bibliographical Society; Jenny Mander, D’Maris Coffman and their colleagues at Newnham College Cambridge; Jenna Ng and Anne Alexander of CRASSH, Cambridge; David Mckitterick, James Raven and Alex Walsham; Olaf Simons and Wikimedia Deutschland.
  • Those who have advised on publications stemming from the project, including Ed Potten, Elisabeth Leedham-Green, David Andress, and editors and reviewers for the Journal of Digital Humanities, Journal for Early Modern Cultural StudiesHistorical Journal andFrench History and several of those already named.
  • Cambridge University Library, Darwin College, and the trustees of the Munby Fellowship for supporting Mark Curran his post-FBTEE projects.
  • All those who have facilitated the transfer of the project resources and web-hosting from the University of Leeds to the University of Western Sydney, notably the contributions of Peter Hutchings and Wayne Mckenna; Fiona Montebello and the UWS legal team; Malcolm Chase and Graham Loud at Leeds; and those responsible for, or advising on, the technical oversight of the transfer, notably Andrew Leahy, Jason Ensor and Peter Sefton.
  • Finally to Andrea Kemp and Hannah and Reuben Kemp-Burrows, for hosting team members and tolerating the Principal Investigator’s frequent absences during the project.

Document prepared by Simon Burrows and the project team, 10-11 June 2012.
[Revised version 28 January 2014]