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The maps created for this project by Simon Burrows and Vincent Hiribarren are available in two different open formats. The first one is widely used format by GIS software packages (shp files). The second one is a GeoJSON format used by online mapping services.

  • The 1st map divides late eighteenth-century Europe into geopolitical/linguistic zones. The zones represented are artificial constructs developed for analytical purposes in the FBTEE project itself.
  • The 2nd map deals with sovereign territories in eighteenth Europe. The borders apply to the period 1772-1791. (Admin 0 – Eighteenth Century Countries).
  • The 3rd map is a reconstruction of the administratives subdivisions (provinces) of eighteenth-century European countries. The borders apply to the period 1772-1791. (Admin 1 – Eighteenth Century Provinces).

To quote the maps:

  • Simon Burrows and Vincent Hiribarren, The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe Database Maps (, 2 August 2012).

By downloading these maps, you agree to the terms of the End-User Licence Agreement.

Download Maps