Advisory Committee

Professor David Adams (French, Manchester) researches on: French Enlightenment Thought; French Illustrated books of the 18th century; and Material bibliography.

Professor Simon Dixon (formerly of the School of History, Leeds) specialises in the history of Imperial Russia, and particularly of the Russian Orthodox Church in the nineteenth century and of rulership in the eighteenth.  He has also written on contemporary Russian nationalism.  When Simon Dixon left the University of Leeds to take up a Chair at UCL, his position on the advisory committee was taken by Professor Russell Goulbourne.

Professor Russell Goulbourne (French department, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Leeds) took over from Professor Dixon as an Advisory Committee member in 2008.  He specialises in early modern French literature, particularly Voltaire’s comedies.  He is currently working on the reception of the Roman author Horace in eighteenth-century France and has edited critical editions of several classic enlightenment French texts.

Dr Peter Millican (Leeds Electronic Text Centre, Philosophy, University of Oxford) has research interests in: The Philosophy of David Hume; Logic and Argument in Metaphysics and Epistemology; Philosophical Logic; and The Interface between Philosophy and Computing.

Dr Jon Topham (History and Philosophy of Science, Leeds) is involved with The SciPer (Science in the Nineteenth-Century General Periodical) Project commenced in January 1999 with funds provided by the Humanities Research Board and the Leverhulme Trust.  He has research interests in: Science and its publics: popular science and science popularization; Science and religion in Regency and Victorian society; natural theology and theologies of nature; The history of the book in nineteenth-century Britain: authorship, reading, and publishing; and Nineteenth-century life and earth sciences; Darwin and Darwinism.