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The options on this page enable you to restrict the data that is taken into account when generating Queries, Rankings, and Comparisons. Note that this will not affect anything on the Browse menu, however, where all items and full totals will still be shown, nor will it limit results from any searches.

Edition Type
This menu allows users to compensate for the over-representation of Swiss and particularly STN / Neuchatel editions in the database, and for distortions resulting from the sending of large consignments of a single commissioned work to an author, bookdealer or other sponsor. It can also be used to study the long and short range trade in books coming from particular regions in Switzerland or abroad. In combination with other options, it might be used to locate the destinations of illegal works sourced from the Netherlands or to facilitate similar complex searches. Users should note that the usual caveats apply about the difficulties of positively identifying editions. Generally our evidence is more solid for Swiss and particularly STN editions than those produced elsewhere. In addition, bibliographic information informing this option menu is primarily drawn from the ‘actual place of publication’ field in the database, which is based on library records. Thus in some cases false imprints and bibliographical errors may have been imported. Figures returned using this option should therefore be treated as indicative rather than definitive.
edition type definition
Works published by the STN for general distribution.
Works commissioned from the STN by a client, with large numbers of copies (though not necessarily all) distributed to or on behalf of the client.
Works produced by the STN in partnership with other Swiss publishing houses. Not all such works were printed wholly or even partly by the STN. Publishers and places of publication listed for these editions reflect which partners actually printed them. Thus in some cases, every copy of particular Livres en Société passed through the STN’s hands, and in others only an agreed proportion of the total print-run.
Works published in the town of Neuchâtel by publishers other than the STN.
Works published in Swiss towns (including Geneva but not Neuchâtel).
Works produced by two or more publishing houses, at least one of which was based in Switzerland (including Geneva and Neuchâtel publishing houses other than the STN), and at least one of which was based elsewhere.
Works produced by two or more publishing houses in two or more countries, none of which was Swiss.
Works published in the Papal enclave of Avignon, known as a centre for illicit printing. (N.B. Avignon was annexed to France from 1768 to April 1774, and again from 1791).
Works published in the Austrian Netherlands, Bouillon or Liège.
Works published in Britain. (N.B. Particular caution should be taken with such works, as ‘London’ was a common false imprint for illicit works.)
Works published in the United Provinces (Netherlands).
Works published in Bourbon France.
Works published in Germany and the Austrian Empire proper.
Works published in Italy (including Savoy and Nice).
Works published in Scandinavia.
Works of unknown provenance (including many whose likely origins are suggested by this database).