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Oeufs rouges, by Augeard, Jacques-Mathieu; Pidansat de Mairobert, Mathieu-François

Keywords:  Current Affairs, Despotism, France, Louis XV, Maupeou, Rene-Nicolas de, Maupeouana, Politics, Satirical works

Parisian category: Histoires particulières des règnes de Louis XV, XVI

Illegality:  Darnton’s Corpus (38 copies requested in 6 orders)

Acquired:  40 full copies

Sold and Given:  58 full copies

Returns:  20 full copies

N.B. Lower and upper limits (where given) are calculated by treating each incomplete set - i.e. each set containing some but not all volumes of the edition - as 0 and 1 respectively.  Click 'events for this book' below for details.



Full title: Oeufs rouges. Première partie. Sorhouet mourant à M. de Maupeou, chancelier de France
Edition type (by origin): Place of publication unknown
Author(s): Augeard, Jacques-Mathieu; Pidansat de Mairobert, Mathieu-François
Language(s): French
Publication: n.pl. [?], 1772
Details: 1 volume, in-12°, pages: 64, [2]
Notes: Attribution - only extant edition located. This was a highly illegal work, and this may explain why it is sometimes referred to in the STN archives under the apparently coded (but rather transparent) Latin title as 'De Ovo Rubro'. (A coded title was also used for d'Holbach's 'Système de la Nature' under the title 'Ouvrage de Boubers'). No extant Latin translation has been detected, and the fact that a consignment of books sent to Deinet and later returned by him is referred to under both titles appears to prove that 'De Ovo Rubro' indeed refers to the French edition of 'Oeufs rouges'. On the clandestine publication and dissemination of this pamphlet in France, see Mairobert, Journal Historique De La Révolution Opérée Dans La Constitution De La Monarchie Françoise, III, 127, entry for 23 May 1772.