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Pièces importantes à la dernière revolution de Genève

Keywords:  Current Affairs, Geneva, Politics, Switzerland

Parisian category: Histoire des Suisses, &c.

Acquired:  62 full copies

Sold and Given:  8,428 full copies

Returns:  475 full copies

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Full title: Pièces importantes à la dernière revolution de Genève
Edition type (by origin): Commissioned STN edition
Language(s): French
Publication: Geneva [Neuchâtel]: J.-L. Pellet [Société Typographique de Neuchâtel], 1782 [1782]
Details: 1 volume, pages: 27
Notes: Attribution - this work is usually called 'Mémoire apologetique des Genevois' in STN sources, probably a case of deliberate encryption. However, the correct title appears in some STN sources. John Jeanprêtre 'Histoire de la Société typographique de Neuchâtel', p. 13 [p.117 in the original printing of the article in the Musée Neuchâtelois, 1949] indicates that a receipt in the STN accounts for the 5,000 copies sent to Chauvet makes clear that the two works are one and the same. The putative publisher Pellet traditionally allowed his name to be used as a cover for semi-clandestine works including the 'Encyclopédie' - see 'Cinq siècles de l'imprimerie Genevoise' p. 73. It appears likely that sales of this work in July-September 1782 may relate to an earlier STN printing or separate edition. This work is missing from Schmidt's 'Liste des impressions'. We thank Robert Darnton for indicating the true identity of the 'Mémoire apologétique des Genevois' and supplying the Jeanprêtre reference.