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Tableaux de la bonne compagnie, by Ligne, Charles Joseph [de]; Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas-Edmé

Keywords:  Collected works, Literature, Prose Fiction, Short stories

Parisian category: Romans

Acquired:  176 full copies

Sold and Given:  45 full copies

N.B. Lower and upper limits (where given) are calculated by treating each incomplete set - i.e. each set containing some but not all volumes of the edition - as 0 and 1 respectively.  Click 'events for this book' below for details.



Full title: Tableaux de la bonne compagnie, ou Traits caractéristiques, anecdotes secrètes, politiques, morales et littéraires, recueillies dans les sociétés du bon ton, pendant les années 1786 et 1787
Edition type (by origin): Place of publication unknown
Author(s): Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas-Edmé
Language(s): French
Publication: n.pl. [?]
Details: 2 volumes, in-12°
LFB Catalogue 1787
Notes: Attribution - STN traded in the (London, 1788) edition after Dufart catalogue MS1143 f.257, and (Paris, 1787) edition after Fauche-Borel Catalogue (1787). It has not always been possible from STN manuscripts to isolate which transactions relate to which editions.
Full title: Gemählde der feinern Welt; oder, Caracteristische Züge, geheime, politische, moralische und litterarische Anecdoten, gesammelt in dem Zirkel der gesitteten Staende in den Jahren 1786 und 1787
Edition type (by origin): French editions
Author(s): Ligne, Charles Joseph [de]; Restif de la Bretonne, Nicolas-Edmé
Original title: Tableaux de la bonne compagnie
Original language: French
Language(s): German
Publication: Paris, 1787
Details: 2 volumes, in-12°
Notes: Attribution - Fauche-Borel Catalogue (1787) information.