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Academie (l') des dames, by Chorier, Nicolas

Keywords:  Amorous adventures, Erotic works, Literature, Pornographic works, Prose Fiction

Parisian category: Romans

Illegality:  Darnton’s Corpus (168 copies requested in 18 orders); Joseph II’s Index (Austrian Empire, 1788)

Acquired:  351 full copies

Sold and Given:  62 full copies

N.B. Lower and upper limits (where given) are calculated by treating each incomplete set - i.e. each set containing some but not all volumes of the edition - as 0 and 1 respectively.  Click 'events for this book' below for details.



Full title: Academie (l') des dames, ou les sept entretiens galants d'Alosia
Edition type (by origin): Place of publication unknown
Author(s): Chorier, Nicolas
Original title: Aloisiae Sigeae Tolentance Satyra sotadica
Original language: Latin
Language(s): French
Publication: n.pl. [?]
Details: 2 volumes, in-8°
STN Livres philosophiques 1775
Notes: Attribution - edition[s] not identified, several produced.