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Onanisme (l'), by Tissot, Samuel Auguste André David

Keywords:  Medicine, Pathology, Science

Parisian category: Traités singuliers de Pathologie, ou des Maladies & affections du corps humain

Acquired:  630 full copies

Sold and Given:  642 full copies

Returns:  17 full copies

N.B. Lower and upper limits (where given) are calculated by treating each incomplete set - i.e. each set containing some but not all volumes of the edition - as 0 and 1 respectively.  Click 'events for this book' below for details.



Full title: Onanisme (l'), dissertation sur les maladies produites par la masturbation
Edition type (by origin): Other Swiss editions
Author(s): Tissot, Samuel Auguste André David
Language(s): French
Publication: Lausanne
Details: 1 volume, in-12°
LFB Catalogue 1787
STN Catalogue 1779
Notes: Attribution - sourced largely from François Grasset. Grasset and Marc Chapuis produced numerous editions of this work between 1760 and 1792. The STN almost certainly sold those published between 1772 and 1782. It has not always been possible from STN manuscripts to isolate which transactions relate to which editions.