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Sinceres (les), comedie, by Marivaux, Pierre [de]

Keywords:  Comedy, Drama, Literature, Prose Drama

Parisian category: Poétique

Sold and Given:  2 full copies

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Full title: Sinceres (les), comedie
Edition type (by origin): German editions
Author(s): Marivaux, Pierre [de]
Language(s): French
Publication: Vienna: J.-T. de Trattnern, 1770
Details: 1 volume, in-8°, pages: 62
Notes: Attribution - part of a large group of theatre pieces and other works Durand instructed the STN to send (or charge?) to Rüdiger in 1788. Although manuscript information does not give edition details, aside from stating that they were in octavo, they appear to have been the editions published by Trattnern or J.L.N. de Ghelen (or later, those that continued his business) in Vienna. This is clear as several of them were only published by these publishers.