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Client type: Foreign book trade client


profession translation profession group economic sector
libraire Bookseller Bookseller Book trade
commissaire Commissioner Miscellaneous Officials Officials and office holders
censeur impérial Imperial Censor Book Trade Official Officials and office holders

Supplied:  539 books (in 10 orders)

Acquired:  between 1,079 and 1,189 books (in 15 orders)

Returned:  between 632 and 688 books (in 2 orders)



Date(s):  3rd September 1773 - 14th April 1783

There are 32 documents from this client in the archive, of which 32 are letters.


Manuscript list (MS, fos):

For more details on archival references, see the complete list of manuscripts.

Named people:

Name: Deinet
Sex: male
Profession(s): libraire; commissaire; censeur impérial