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Gosse, Pierre, junior & Daniel Pinet  (partnership)

Client type: Foreign wholesale client


profession translation profession group economic sector
libraire Bookseller Bookseller Book trade

Supplied:  72 books (in 4 orders)

Acquired:  between 5,275 and 11,770 books (in 44 orders)

Returned:  771 books (in 3 orders)

As Middleman:  between 0 and 10 books (in 1 order)


Additional document - 1? (gives several dates) printed 'avis' 02/08/1769, 12/1773, 05/1781, 09/1781, 10,1781. From 1784 Pierre Frédéric Gosse et Pierre Gosse junior et Fils (commerces séparés). See dossier of A. Melvill, avocat de la S.T.N & special dossier Gosse. P. contre S.T.N - contains 'litigie 1776-1779', 'mémoires' 1776, 1 'Tras de prononci du Tribunal', 'notes du frais', 1 'convention' 03/06/1779, 1 'litigie' 1783, 'memoires'.



Date(s):  8th December 1769 - 6th June 1783

There are 66 documents from this client in the archive, of which 59 are letters.


Manuscript list (MS, fos):

For more details on archival references, see the complete list of manuscripts.

Named people:

Name: Gosse, Pierre
Sex: male
Profession(s): libraire
Name: Pinet, Daniel
Sex: male
Profession(s): libraire