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Guzmanade (la), by Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti [comte de]

Keywords:  Anti-Clerical Works, Catholicism, Christianity, Church and State, Church History, Clerical jurisdiction, Despotism, Erotic works, History, Inquisition, Irreligious works, Law, Literature, Middle Ages, Philosophie, Poetry, Religion, Religious orders, Religious Persecution, Saint Dominic, Spain

Parisian category: Poétique

Illegality:  Darnton’s Corpus (7 copies requested in 1 orders)

Acquired:  12 full copies

Sold and Given:  12 full copies

N.B. Lower and upper limits (where given) are calculated by treating each incomplete set - i.e. each set containing some but not all volumes of the edition - as 0 and 1 respectively.  Click 'events for this book' below for details.



Full title: Guzmanade (la), ou l'établissement de l'Inquisition, poème en XII chants
Edition type (by origin): Other Swiss editions
Author(s): Mirabeau, Honoré-Gabriel Riqueti [comte de]
Language(s): French
Publication: Amsterdam [Lausanne]: M.-M. Rey [François Grasset & comp.], 1778
Details: 1 volume, in-8°, pages: XVI, 255
STN Catalogue 1785
Notes: Attribution - MS1007 information and sourced from Grasset. RERO states this a false Grasset edition.