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Keyword type: Sub-category

Keyword definition: Dramatic literary works fitting the eighteenth-century definition of the French term Comédie: i.e a theatrical piece ‘in which is represented a scene from everyday life, that is supposed to have passed between persons of private condition’ (Dictionnaire de l’Académie française, 1762). It follows from this that not all comedies are comic or humorous; those that are have been indicated, wherever detected, by the keyword ‘Satirical Works’. As with other dramatic keywords, the use of the term Comedy usually derives from its use in the César database, which in turn tends to be derived from the title page of the work in question. ‘Comedy’ is a sub-category of ‘Literature’ + ‘Drama’.

Number of books: 94 (2.61%)

Total copies in: 10,746 (2.41%)

Total copies out: 9,275 (2.24%)

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