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Keyword type: Sub-category

Keyword definition: Dramatic literary works revolving around a single principal event (‘action’), which though on serious subjects often, though not invariably, depict ordinary (generally bourgeois) people and their lives. These have been identified via their title-pages or through the CESAR database, where they are described as such. The French term Drame is used because there is no exact equivalent in English. The 1835 edition of the Dictionnaire de l’Académie française described a Drame thus: ‘Pièce de théâtre, en vers ou en prose, d'un genre mixte entre la tragédie et la comédie, dont l'action, sérieuse par le fond, souvent familière par la forme, admet toutes sortes de personnages, ainsi que tous les sentiments et tous les tons.’ Like other dramatic terms in the database, this category tend to be drawn from the works themselves, either directly from titles or title-pages, or indirectly through the César database. A sub-category of the keywords ‘Literature’ + ‘Drama’.

Number of books: 23 (0.64%)

Total copies in: 10,104 (2.27%)

Total copies out: 6,250 (1.51%)

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