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Fictionalised biography

Keyword type: Sub-category

Keyword definition: Biographical works identified as including substantial and usually transparent sections which are best thought of as creative fiction rather than true biography. The list of works under this category should be considered indicative rather than comprehensive. To qualify for this category, fictional content needs to extend beyond improbable claims or passages which are clearly false, contrived or based on gossip and slander (as for example in accounts of the early life of previously obscure individuals such as Du Barry) or even completely mendacious (as in Madame La Motte’s accounts of the Diamond Necklace Affair and her relationship with Marie-Antoinette). Cf. the keyword ‘Spurious works’.

Number of books: 15 (0.42%)

Total copies in: 716 (0.16%)

Total copies out: 560 (0.14%)

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