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Funereal oration

Keyword type: Sub-category

Keyword definition: Works belonging to the genre known as ‘funereal orations’. These were published speeches prepared to mark the death of a great figure and, generally, to praise their virtues. The tradition dates back at least to ancient Greece, where it was expected to combine a eulogy to the dead with an exhortation to the living. Although in this database a sub-category of ‘Lives and Letters’ and ‘Biography’, the biographical component might be relatively limited, taking the form of panegyric subsumed within a wider religious sermon or moral lecture. By the eighteenth century, published funereal orations were not necessarily delivered at the funeral of the person whose passing they marked, and the death of some public figures was marked by the publication of several official and non-official orations.

Number of books: 9 (0.25%)

Total copies in: 257 (0.06%)

Total copies out: 673 (0.16%)

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