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Keyword type: Top of tree

Keyword definition: Works touching on the history of a society or societies or other defined unit. Contemporary events (defined as those of the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI in France are treated under ‘Politics’ + ‘Current Affairs’ not history). The exception is events in the recent past with full closure – eg. The Seven Years War. Usually history is qualified by one or more geographical tags and often also tagged to one or two or three rulers whose reigns spanned the period covered by the history. Note: histories of academic disciplines such as ‘History of Science’. ‘History of Medicine’ or ‘History of Education’ have not usually been tagged with the keyword ‘History’, nor have works of ‘Literary history’. Equally fictional works with a historical setting, instead of ‘History’ carry the keyword ‘Historical fiction.’

Number of books: 475 (13.19%)

Total copies in: 65,084 (14.61%)

Total copies out: 56,160 (13.57%)

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