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Histoire d'un détention de trente-neuf ans, by Saint-Aulaire, Jean-Yrieix de Beaupoil [Marquis de]

Keywords:  Biography, Despotism, Fictionalised biography, France, Latude, J-H Masers de, Law, Literature, Lives and letters, Penal system, Pompadour, Madame de, Prison narratives, Prose Fiction, Spurious works

Parisian category: Romans

Illegality:  Darnton’s Corpus (2 copies requested in 1 orders)

Sold and Given:  3 full copies

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Full title: Histoire d'un détention de trente-neuf ans
Edition type (by origin): Place of publication unknown
Author(s): Saint-Aulaire, Jean-Yrieix de Beaupoil [Marquis de]
Language(s): French
Publication: n.pl. [?]
Details: 1 volume, in-8°
Notes: Attribution - edition not identified. Saint-Aulaire's work is presented as the authentic memoirs of Henry Lasers de Latude, but Quérard insists this was not the case. Superbook attribution uncertain - manuscript information gives only 'Donjon de Vincennes', which, after Darnton 'Corpus' was an alternative title of this work. However, sales given here all came between 1791 and 1793, leaving open the possibility of the work's being 'Dialogue entre le Donjon de Vincennes et la Bastille'.