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Keyword type: Ideological tag

Keyword definition: Catch-all keyword used for those works of celebrated French philosophes and their allies which broadly accord with Peter Gay’s classic conception of the enlightenment: ie. they are broadly characterised by scepticism in religion; espousal of toleration and enlightened penal reform; separation of church and state; rationality and some form of popular consultation in administration etc.. Some historical, scientific or literary works of leading philosophes may not be included if these orientations are not strongly or explicitly present. The category is included in the database as a proxy for the ‘classic’ view of the enlightenment. [Note a category philosophie also exists in the Parisian system to denote Philosophy in general. The two different usages should not be confused].

Number of books: 273 (7.58%)

Total copies in: 61,657 (13.84%)

Total copies out: 50,837 (12.29%)

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