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Keyword type: Top of tree

Keyword definition: Works that cover political life, administration, organisation and / or relationships between one or more human societies etc in theory or practice, including contemporary history and the conduct of ‘Current affairs’. In this database, ‘Current Affairs’ designates events that happened in the adult lives of readers yet living. In practice, this means that the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI belong under ‘Politics’ + ‘Current Affairs’ not ‘History’. Hence ‘History’ in this database ends (approximately) at the death of Louis XIV in 1715. Note that the genre of fictional works carrying the keyword ‘Political fiction’ does NOT carry the keyword ‘Politics’. The main sub-categories of ‘Politics’ are ‘Current Affairs’, ‘Political Theory’, ‘Political Rights’ and ‘Public Administration’. ‘Political Institutions’ serves as a sub-category of ‘Politics’ EXCEPT where it refers exclusively to institutions from past ‘History’ (as defined in this database). Cf. ‘Political fiction’, which is a separate

Number of books: 477 (13.25%)

Total copies in: 75,687 (16.99%)

Total copies out: 72,428 (17.51%)

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