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Histoire de la vie et de la mort de Bianca Capello, by Meissner, August Gottlieb

Keywords:  Capello, Bianca, Courts & Courtiers, Historical Fiction, Italy, Literature, Prose Fiction, Renaissance, Romantic Fiction, Royal Mistresses, Sentimental Fiction, Tuscany

Parisian category: Romans

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Sold and Given:  2 full copies

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Full title: Histoire de la vie et de la mort de Bianca Capello, noble vénitienne et grande duchesse de Toscane
Edition type (by origin): French editions
http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=0BQMAAAAYAAJ&dq [Vol 1]
http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=m2YHAAAAQAAJ&dq [Vol 2]
Author(s): Meissner, August Gottlieb
Translator(s): Luchet, Jean-Pierre-Louis de La Roche du Marin [marquis de]
Original title: Bianka Capello, halb Dialog, halb Erzählung
Original language: German
Language(s): French
Publication: Paris: Maradan, 1790
Details: 3 volumes, in-12°
Notes: Attribution - manuscript information gives 3 volumes in-12°, suggesting this work rather than the single volume 'Histoire de la vie et de la mort tragique de Bianca Capello'. This work was also published in same year as another translation by Rauquil Lieutaud entitled 'Bianca Capello, roman dramatique, imité de l'Allemand', but our short title suggests the Luchet translation.