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Social fiction

Keyword type: Sub-category

Keyword definition: Fictional works which depict or depend for their effect on depiction on social worlds, conditions and situations relevant to the life experience of members of the lower orders of society. This does not mean that there is not sometimes a rather improbably fortunate happy ending to the main protagonist’s tale (eg finding that they are a really an aristocrat, marrying a duke, etc.). That much of the content is realistic in feel does not mean that they cannot also be satirical fiction, as is the case with most picaresque novels or Candide, for example, or romantic fiction, (Tom Jones). This keyword is a sub-category of ‘Literature’ + ‘Prose fiction’.

Number of books: 16 (0.44%)

Total copies in: 1,564 (0.35%)

Total copies out: 1,439 (0.35%)

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