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Distance from Neuchâtel: 771 km
18th Century Lower Territory: Brandenburg
18th Century Sovereign Territory: Prussia
21st Century Administrative Unit: Berlin
21st Country: Germany
Geographic Zone: German

Total number of books going to this town: 291



Professions of clients with addresses in this area:
(note that this list does not include itinerant clients who may have traded from this area at some point)
1. undetermined profession
2. abbé (Abbé)
3. capitaine (Captain)
4. chambellan [Central government] (Chamberlain [Central government])
5. controleur (Controller-General of Finances)
6. editeur (Publisher)
7. gouverneur [de province] (Provincial Governor)
8. historien (Historian)
9. imprimeur (Printer)
10. libraire (Bookseller)
11. littérateur (Man of Letters)
12. mathématicien (Mathematician)
13. ministre d'Etat (Minister of State)
14. ministre [d'Etat] (Minister of State)
15. philos. (Philosopher)
16. précepteur (Tutor)
17. Prince (Prince)
18. professeur de mathématique (Professor of Mathematics)