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Distance from Neuchâtel: 40 km
18th Century Lower Territory: Berne
18th Century Sovereign Territory: Swiss confederation
21st Century Administrative Unit: Berne
21st Country: Switzerland
Geographic Zone: Helvetic

Total number of books going to this town: 17,307



Professions of clients with addresses in this area:
(note that this list does not include itinerant clients who may have traded from this area at some point)
1. undetermined profession
2. agent d'affaires (Commercial agent)
3. auteur (Author)
4. bailli (Bailiff)
5. banneret (Banneret)
6. banquier (Banker)
7. bibliothécaire (Librarian)
8. capitaine (Captain)
9. châtelain (Lord)
10. commerce d'indiennes (Trader of Painted Cloths)
11. commissionnaire (Business Agent)
12. conseiller d'Etat (Councillor of State [Local government])
13. controleur des Postes (Director of Postal Services)
14. directeur des Postes (Director of the Postal Service)
15. docteur en droit (Doctor of Law)
16. docteur en médicin (Doctor of Medicine)
17. editeur (Publisher)
18. éditeur de la Feuille d'Avis (Publisher of the local Advertiser)
19. expéd. des Gazettes (Newspaper distributor)
20. fabricant d'indiennes (Manufacturer of Printed Cloth)
21. fabricant de bas (Stocking-maker)
22. graveur (Engraver)
23. historien (Historian)
24. imprimeur (Printer)
25. libraire (Bookseller)
26. lieut. colonel (Lieutenant Colonel)
27. littérateur (Man of Letters)
28. major (Major)
29. négociant (Merchant)
30. notaire (Notary)
31. officier (Officer)
32. papetier (Papermaker)
33. pasteur (Pastor)
34. peintre (Painter)
35. professeur (Professor/ Teacher)
36. professeur de philosophie (Professor/ Teacher of Philosophy)
37. professeur du grec et d'ethique (Professor of Greek History and Ethics)
38. rédacteur de la Gazette (Editor of the Gazette)
39. secrétaire d'Etat (Secretary of State)
40. sécrétaire de la soc économique (Secretary to the Economical Society)
41. taille-doucier (Copperplate Engraver)
42. tailleur des pierres (Stonemason)
43. tanneur (Tanner)
44. tissus (Fabrics)
45. translateur à la Chancellerie (Translator at the Chancellory)
46. typographe (Compositors)