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Distance from Neuchâtel: 6 km
18th Century Lower Territory: Neuchâtel
18th Century Sovereign Territory: Prussia: Neuchâtel
21st Century Administrative Unit: Neuchâtel
21st Country: Switzerland
Geographic Zone: Helvetic

Notes: Identification uncertain: letters only say La Poissine, and archivist notes suggest this means Marin. However, spots known as La Poissine also exists at Grandson and Cortaillod in vicinity of Neuchâtel. Marin later merged with Epagnier to form Marin-Epagnier. For mapping and data analysis reasons, Neuchâtel sovereign territory is 'Neuchâtel' and not 'Prussia'.

Total number of books going to this town: 6



Professions of clients with addresses in this area:
(note that this list does not include itinerant clients who may have traded from this area at some point)
1. undetermined profession